Women’s Health Beyond Bearing Children

Charleston House was born as an answer to the question: “Where do I fit in the women’s healthcare model when I’m done having children?” 

Even though OBGYNs are trained as women’s healthcare providers, they are generally given very little direction, information, or continuing education to support a woman’s health outside of bearing a child. Generally speaking, OBGYNs only work with women during a small window of time during their reproductive years. 

Why outside the childbearing window, women tend to stop seeking medical care.

Many of us end up bouncing between our primary care provider and our OBGYN, neither of whom have training in the areas of women’s health we want to address, outside of labor and delivery.

This leaves women in a predicament–we have to piece together our care, or not get care at all. 

So we become notorious at tip-toeing around issues, or simply living with them. We assume things are “normal,” simply because no one else has told us otherwise. But there is a difference between an issue being “common,” and that same issue being “normal.” Some common issues aren’t necessarily normal for our stage of life. 

We believe you deserve the space to address these issues. That you deserve women’s health care that goes beyond support for bearing a child. 

At Charleston House, we want to offer the women of Dallas, Texas more. 

We want you to feel comfortable addressing any concern you have about your health. Women aren’t necessarily comfortable talking with their primary care provider about their low sex drive or their painful intercourse, their fear of getting fat as they age, or their lack of sleep. 

Let’s talk about that low sex drive. 

Let’s talk about your fears, your weight gain, your worries.

Let’s talk about why you’re not sleeping, and how you manage your stress. 

Let’s untangle your questions–they are a full picture of you. 

Our concierge healthcare and direct-access membership option is what allows Charleston House to provide more. We believe all women should have access to modern OBGYN care exactly when they need it, no childbearing required. 

Concierge health allows you to ask any question at any time, to make appointments on your schedule, and to connect you with the best holistic care from our highly trained professionals. You will never have to piece together doctors, or be forced to shove your concerns under the rug. 

Most importantly, you won’t have to be pregnant to receive quality OBGYN care. No matter what age or stage of life you find yourself in, we believe you do fit in the women’s healthcare model–right here, at Charleston House.