Concierge Gynecology Services to Improve Women's Healthcare across All Stages of Life

Dr. Kamilia Smith and her team are revolutionizing Womens’ Health by offering concierge gynecology services alongside other wellness services. With this new approach, Charleston House is able to effectively focus upon maximizing individualized care and advocacy for every one of our patients. Our charming location in East Dallas welcomes nontraditional appointment times and is equipped with a co-working space, Wi-Fi and coffee bar – providing a more convenient and thoughtful experience for today’s busy woman.

Membership Services

Our house is open to you. Come in and see us.
  • Comprehensive gynecological care and consultations with Dr. Kamilia Smith
    • Individualized care for all stages of life that can include acute needs, medication management, mental wellness, sexual function, menopause, weight management, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), birth control, gynecological surgical procedures and more.
  • Direct access after hours to Dr. Kamilia Smith for urgent needs
  • Follow-up visits and Consultations (in-office or virtual)
  • Acute Visits
  • Discounted rates for additional services and products such as Botox and supplements.
  • All visits, pap smears and labs are filed to insurance*
Virtual Appointments Also Available

Women are busy and evolving, so must healthcare. We welcome the opportunity to visit virtually with our members, no matter where they are – making healthcare convenient and accessible.

Areas of Expertise & Product Offerings: 

  • Hormone Health

  • Sexual Function

  • Perimenopause & Menopause

  • Fertility Guidance

  • Weight Loss Management

  • Mental Wellness Consultations

  • Gynecological Surgical Procedures

  • Heart Health Assessment

  • Hereditary Cancer Risk Testing & Assessment

  • Multi-Cancer Early Detection Testing & Assessment

  • Botox

  • Supplement - Metagenics

  • Revision Skincare Products

  • Endometriosis


  • Membership fee can be paid via check, credit card or HSA
  • We accept most major insurance plans. Dr. Smith is no longer a Medicare/Medicaid provider
  • For out-of-network plans, itemized receipts can be provided for self filing to insurance (except Medicare/Medicaid) *Cash pricing available upon request for additional services

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide comprehensive women’s health that includes gynecological, primary care, hormone health, mental wellness and more. We touch on the forgotten areas of women’s health such as sleep, mood, energy, sexual function, memory and strive to help women flourish in their lives. Dr. Smith focuses on the individual health and wellness needs of women of all ages.

We are a hybrid membership-based practice with an annual membership fee and the ability to use your insurance.  Annual membership fees can be made in one installment or quarterly payments.  Dr. Smith is in-network with most major insurance plans, except Medicare/Medicaid.  In addition to the annual membership fee, if you are in-network, we must collect co-pays/deductibles and file all medical services such as annual wellness exams, follow-up & sick visits, pap smears, and labs to your insurance.  It’s everything you have have been looking for – time and access to Dr. Smith, and a community that supports you.

We understand that not everyone has insurance or their insurance is out-of-network with Dr. Smith.  Dr. Smith no longer takes Medicare/Medicaid.  Annual membership fees can be made in one installment or quarterly payments.  The membership will include all visits, annual lab testing, and pap smear, in addition to direct access to Dr. Smith.  We offer cash pricing for lab testing and other services such as in-house rapid testing (flu/strep/COVID/urinalysis), sonography and minor gynecological procedures.  Itemized receipts can be provided for you to submit to your insurance.

The answer is yes. Dr. Smith’s practice model is 100% membership.  We have memberships for in-network and out-of-network patients.

Brooke McGonigle, our Membership Coordinator, is happy to discuss membership, set up a meet and greet, or assist you in signing up for membership at Charleston House.  Please email her at [email protected] for more detailed information, including membership fees, insurance verification, and to schedule a phone call.

Our House is Open to You

We are a women’s healthcare home.  We welcome you to come in, relax and experience our approach to women’s healthcare and wellness.

Modern healthcare for the modern woman.

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