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Founded by renowned Dallas ObGyn Dr. Kamilia Smith, Charleston House takes a personalized approach to women’s healthcare and wellness, improving the overall experience for women throughout all stages of life.

We are a Women’s Healthcare Home built upon a membership-based community of women.  We have a passion and focus to help women thrive throughout the transitions of their lives.   We know that each woman is unique, and we build an individualized healthcare experience that addresses her needs.  By providing personalized healthcare in a warm, welcoming environment, Charleston House is changing the way women care for themselves.

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Advancing and advocating for women’s health and well-being, Charleston House will champion a better healthcare experience for today’s busy woman, throughout all stages of life.

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Dr. Kamilia Smith

Inspired by the modern woman, Dallas ObGyn Dr. Kamilia Smith set out to improve the female healthcare experience.

Drawing from her nearly two decades of medical practice, during which she had the priceless opportunity to consult with more than 6,000 patients, Dr. Smith set out to bridge the gap that exists in women’s health by focusing her gynecological practice on the health and wellness needs of women of all ages.

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Dr Kamilia Smith a different approach to women's healthcare in Dallas, Texas
Modern OBGYN and Women's Healthcare Doctor in Dallas, Texas

Personalized Care

We provide comprehensive women’s health that includes gynecology, acute care, hormone health, mental wellness and more.  We touch on the forgotten areas of women’s health such as sleep, mood, energy, sexual function, memory and strive to help women flourish in their lives.

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Dr. Smith is welcoming, loving and sincere. She cares about the whole person and their whole well-being.

Charleston House Patient

Dr. Smith treats her patients with compassion and heart of humility. For 10 years now she has treated me with sincere concern for my well-being.

Charleston House Patient

The level of personalized care that Dr. Smith provides is hard to find these days. She has always treated me like a person who needs her care, and not just another patient.

Charleston House Patient

Dr. Smith actually listens to me and takes the time she doesnt have to improve my overall health and well-being. She truly cares.

Charleston House Patient

Dr. Smith is familiar and personal. She's an educator and an advocate for women's health in both her practice and in the community.

Charleston House Patient

The Charleston House is the perfect name for this practice. You feel at home! It’s welcoming and comfortable. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Smith exceeded all my expectations!

Marie Campos

Dr. Smith is a rockstar! She is attentive and kind. The waiting room is super luxe and comfortable. I could have spent all day at her office. I actually look forward to my next visit. #queenoftheuterus

Lynsie Blau

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Smith for a few years. She is an incredible physician and advocate for my health. She consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that I’m getting the best care possible. I highly recommend her.

Sarah Mo

Dr Smith and staff are incredibly awesome! Thorough, friendly, attentive, professional. Five + stars all around!

Erin Baird

This place was just amazing and feels so welcoming. The staff is very helpful. Dr. Smith exceeded my expectations completely. If you are looking for an OBGYN I would completely recommend Charleston House.

Jennifer Lugo

Dr. Smith is amazing!!!! She made me feel so comfortable and welcome! Her staff is so kind and the location is everything. I’m so happy that I picked Charleston House!!


Wow! I found my new home for healthcare in Dallas! Dr. Smith is amazing. If you’re looking for individualized, quality care, Charleston House is it!

Amy Montague

Our House is Open to You

We are a women’s healthcare home.  We welcome all women in Dallas, Texas to come in, relax and experience our new approach to women’s healthcare and wellness.

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