Changing the Way Women Care For Themselves

Personalized Healthcare for the Modern Woman

Founded by Dallas gynecologist Dr. Kamilia Smith, Charleston House is dedicated to improving the overall health and wellness experience for women throughout all stages of life. Through a concierge approach to gynecological and women’s healthcare services, we are able to partner with every patient to create an individualized wellness experience just for them.

Revolutionizing Women’s Wellness

Women are not one-dimensional—their healthcare shouldn’t be either.

We’re passionate about helping women thrive throughout the transitions of their lives. We offer gynecology, acute care, hormone health, mental wellness, and more to our membership-based community. We also touch on the often-forgotten areas of women’s health such as sleep, mood, energy, sexual function, and memory. Through our new program, Charleston House Too, we’re now also caring for students during the pivotal years between high school to college and early adulthood. By providing personalized healthcare in a warm, welcoming environment, Charleston House is changing the way women of all ages care for themselves.

Kamilia Smith Voted Best Dallas Gynecologist | Charleston House
Kamilia Smith Voted Best Dallas Gynecologist | Charleston House

Meet the Founder

Inspired by the modern woman, Dallas gynecologist Dr. Kamilia Smith set out to improve the female healthcare experience.

Drawing from her nearly two decades of medical practice, Dr. Smith set out to bridge the gap that exists in women’s health by focusing her gynecological practice on the health and wellness needs of women of all ages.

Kamilia Smith Voted Best Dallas Gynecologist | Charleston House

Modern Luxury Best of the City Winner 2022

Best Personalized Healthcare for Women throughout All Stages of Life

Our House is Open to You

We are a women’s healthcare home. We welcome all women in Dallas, Texas to come in, relax, and experience our new approach involving concierge women’s healthcare and wellness.