Modern OBGYN (The Story Behind Charleston House)

Charleston House was founded on the desire to provide quality concierge healthcare services and a modern OBGYN to Dallas women

Over the course of my career as a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist, my understanding of what women need from modern OBGYN care has dramatically changed. 

Before Charleston House, I was working in private practice. And it was very, very busy. The nature of the beast in private practice is to get as many patients through the door as possible. And as time went on, I saw the quality of our care become less of a priority. 

The doctors had large caseloads and were constantly pulled out of the office. Women were waiting months to get in. Patients had important, vulnerable topics that they wanted to discuss, but they were swept under the rug. 

As my practice grew bigger and became what the world would consider “successful,” to me it was the exact opposite. I found it disheartening that medicine was becoming the one area of customer service where there was very little value placed on a customer’s actual experience

I was unhappy. My patients were unhappy. I felt that the traditional practice model didn’t allow for the creativity to provide modern healthcare in the way I believed Dallas women deserved to receive it.

We wanted to create an environment where women could actually address their concerns. To build a medical practice with a clear mission behind it. To become a better entry point to the healthcare system. To be the modern OBGYN in Texas that truly provided what Dallas women needed.

We knew concierge healthcare and direct-access membership would allow us to do all that, and more. And so, Charleston House was born. 

At Charleston House, we believe women’s health is about so much more than just bearing children. We work with women at all ages and stages of life to address the pillars of modern OBGYN care: Mood, stress management, sleep, weight, cardiovascular health, breast cancer risk, sexual function, personal relationships, nutrition, and even aging and reducing cognitive decline. 

And with concierge healthcare, you know you have someone who’s advocating for you. That’s exactly what you’re paying for. Charleston House doctors work with you to develop a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to truly understand and address your needs. It’s my job to lay awake at night and think about ways to help you live a longer, better, richer life.

At Charleston House, you’re not just a number. 

As we look to the future, we hope to provide quality, modern OBGYN care that enriches and supports not only our clients but women as a whole. We want Charleston House to pave the way forward for more unique, innovative, and flexible practice models. We want to help set the standard higher. 

Because we believe quality care is what all women deserve.